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т/факс: (3812) 32-94-94,  32-98-54


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Connect-Omsk group of companies – Konversia-3 has been successful   in Russian’s and aboard’s telecommunication’ market since 1997.


Connect-Omsk – Konversia-3 is a system integrator specializing in building telecommunication networks based on the following:

  • Radio relay equipment  with low and medium carrying capacity 0,256…34 Mbit/sec. of the PDH hierarchy, frequency  range of 150; 400 MHz; 7;8; 11;13; 15; 18; 23…40 GHz;
  • Radio relay equipment of the SDH hierarchy with carrying  capacity  of 155 Mbit/sec. (STM-1)  frequency  range of 4 to 40 GHz.

 A set of services in organizing RRL offered by the company includes:

  • Selection and supply of proper radiotechnical equipment; multiplexed equipment (including optical multiplexers and optical communication cables); uninterrupted power sources;
  • Supply of  antenna masts (up to 25 m), and antenna supports (up to 80 m);
  • Assembly and start-up operations; supervised installation, surveillance of  installation and adjustment of equipment;
  • Warranty maintenance and after-warranty repairs of equipment at the technical centre;
  • Assistance in proper processing of frequency ownership;
  • (RRL can be built based and on analogue stations, range 60; 150; 400 MHz).

  And supplies of:

  • Mobile radio relay units;
  • Telematic GSM/GPRS/GPS terminals for security and determining the whereabouts of stationary and mobile facilities.


  • Installation of mini ATS, including selection, load calculation , assembly of low-currency cable networks, and installation of mini ATS;
  • Construction of structured cable systems (SCS) and turn-key commissioning of projects on full information automation of any companies.


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